Let me introduce myself a little further! My name is Arastasia (pronounced air-uh-stay-shzuh) however, I do go by Airy sometimes.

On the daily, you'll find my scattered brain painting, doodling, spending all my time outdoors, and re-heating cups of coffee for the 70th time. 

I LOVE to drink some white claws while painting, and i'm basically obsessed with my cute yellow bike. (which by the way i painted sunflowers all over)

Check out some fun facts about me below if you're interested!

Soup is my favorite food.

I'm trying to get a Polaroid in all 50 states

In 2019 I took a spontaneous trip to Cali, Utah, & Colorado with 10 photographers I'd never met before.

My niece, Aralynne, is named after me and my mom.
(Arastasia combined with Teena-Lynne)

I love giant spaces that confuse me, like mountains and the ocean.

For my 27th birthday, my best friend surprised me with sky diving. It was AMAZING!

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