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My name is Arastasia, and i'm a full time artist. You'll often find me doodling or painting flowers, occasionally sketching an elephant, or maybe even a dramatic mountain landscape.
None-the-less, I offer all of these creations in my fine-art textured Art Prints. 

Check out some of the creative chaos below!


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- hannah w.

"my fiance and i have waited a year to decorate our  spare bedroom. We never found the right touches until Arastasia began selling her artwork online. we were so excited and HAD to have six of her painting to make a perfect gallery wall. They're so beautiful, especially in person. And shipping and customer service was top-knotch. Arastasia's art work will always be top of mind for future projects. Thanks again!"

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i'm always up to some type of creative project- whether it be transforming my bike to be covered in sunflowers, or painting tutorials and inspiration

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